Educational Consultants

We are a team of admissions consultants who offer financial aid advice, career counseling, college admissions guidance, and more to both high school students and college students looking towards life after high school.

More than grades and clubs

College is much more than just classes or just extracurricular activities so why shouldn't a counseling service be?

We help match students to the right college for their personality, abilities, and interests.

Solving Problems and Answering Questions

With that mindset, we strive to make ourselves effective at solving and addressing all questions and concerns you and your child might have about post-secondary education.

Your Application for College and Financial Aid

This begins long before you ever start filling out the online applications, and we think the key to success here is preparing students and parents to be able to understand the process, take appropriate steps, and make good decisions.

No, don't think this means we'll be abandoning you—we'll absolutely be with you side-by-side long after you submit that application—but we believe that the best way to prepare you is to make sure that you know as much about the admissions process as we do so you can learn how to make the right choices when it comes to getting into college.

Financial aid and career planning come bundled right up together with our package and we make sure students and parents are just as prepared to support both the time spent in college and the life afterwards as they are to fill out a golden application.

College and Beyond

Life in college is affected by more than just grades and there is a financial, mental, and emotional struggle that goes hand in hand with succeeding in education, but we'll make sure you're 100% ready for it.

There's a lot that goes into preparing for college, not to mention everything that comes after, and that's why it's so important to get an early start on the process.

With our combined expertise and experience, we're here to help make the road a lot clearer and remove as many obstacles as possible on the road to the college life you want to have.

Katie Jane

Founder and College Consultant, Pangaea Life
747-226-GRAD (4723)
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