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What can Pangaea Life do for YOU...

P  Professional and personal academic counseling
A  Admissions process made easy
N  Needs assessment for student academics and extracurricular activities
G  Game plan and strategy for college planning and application
A  Aggressive research and application for scholarships and grants
E  Exceed personal expectations and reach professional goals
A  Ability to motivate students, manage college planning and assist with the application process

L  Leadership and Guidance for students and parents
I  Individual attention- assess students interests, manage college planning and assist with the application process
F  Family participation and recommendations for college financial planning
E  Extra advantage for competing in the college admissions process and for academic and corporate scholarships

Pangaea Life

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Let Katie Jane' be your guide, your coach, and your mentor.

What are people saying?

"Thank you for sending the leadership opportunities! I also wanted to thank you for spending so much effort and time with Emily- I really appreciate all you are doing for her. We had a talk after your call and I think your mentoring is sinking in...I'm sure once our circle of friends hear of all the things you are doing to help us with this overwhelming college application process, your business will be very popular among her senior class! Again, thanks for all you do!"

-Jen, Mother of Junior Student

"Thanks a million Katie! I think you are doing an excellent job. I find it admirable to see how your passion, commitment, and inspiration transmits in the work you do and in the creation of finding new opportunities. I want to congratulate you and let you know that I will be recommending you any chance I get."

-Cristina, Mother of Junior Student 

"Thank you for everything. I know for a fact that if you were not here guiding me through this crazy process I would be completely lost. Thanks for pushing me to always do better."

-Mikey, Student, Class of 2011

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