Our services go beyond just preparing a perfect high school resume for college admissions—there's more to applying than just that. We also let you know realistically what you can expect to encounter financially, emotionally, academically, and otherwise throughout the student's time at college. Here's a bit of what we offer:


  • Walk through the college admissions process step-by-step with you and your child.
  • Help plan out steps to build your child the strongest application and resume possible throughout their high school career.
  • Work with students to find out their passions and how best to put them to use both in preparation for the admissions process and deciding which programs to apply to.
  • Sit down individually with students and parents and work out unique plans to meet their needs.
  • Use our experience to give students and parents unique insight into the college decision process.
  • Work through and help plan financial options to last from day one to the last bill.
  • Provide the parents and students with up-to-date information on up-to-date information on the changing admissions landscape.

We offer a great deal and as we work together with you and your child this list only continues to grow. The better we know you, the better we can construct a plan-of-action and the more we can offer you in terms of our services. However, there are a few things that we do not do that you should be aware of before signing on with us.

We do not…

  • Speak on the student's behalf to universities.
  • We cannot guarantee admission.
  • We do not write essays or complete other admissions documents for parents or students, but we will prepare you to be able to fill them out on your own.
  • We don't say 'No'-no school is out of reach to any student as long as preparation is begun early and the right steps are taken. There is no school we will turn you away from because it is too high up on a college ranking list.

Katie Jane

Founder and College Consultant, Pangaea Life
747-226-GRAD (4723)

"You have forever impacted our lives and I can’t thank you enough for everything." -Lourdes

"A special thank you for helping our seniors get through the college selection and application process, personally speaking you made my life less complicated!" - Sara

"Katie! Today was the last day to pay for this semester so I went to see how much I owed and thankfully I don’t owe anything! I actually get money back. Thank you for all your help." - Diana 

Katie Jane

Founder and College Consultant, Pangaea Life
747-226-GRAD (4723)
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