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Prepare your high school junior for the biggest step of their career yet: applying to college. With our interactive online class they’ll be APPLICATION READY in 35 days!

The 5-week College Application prep course for high school juniors with College Counseling Expert and 1:1 Coach

Katie Jane

"Katie worked tirelessly getting to know our daughter, helping her develop the proper resume & profile the career paths and schools to help reach her goals...we even reduced the cost of tuition at two schools by an additional 25% with her help."

Lance, Parent

"Ms. Jane has the most up to date information, is always learning and looking for new sources of information and the latest trends and is interested in educating herself to better serve her students."

Liz, College Advisor at MAST Academy in Miami

"Thank you for all your help during this process.  Could not imagine what both Natalie and I would have done without you. You have forever impacted our lives and I can’t thank you enough for everything."

Lourdes, Student

If you are the parent of a high school junior and not sure how to get them the help they deserve 

...but is ready to FINALLY figure it out,

Admissions Academy is the place to be!

Passionate students eager to grow academically and as individuals will find their path and reach their goals with


Ready to help your student take the big leap to college? (Maybe not - we get it. And we're here to help.)

In these 5 weeks, we'll teach your student how to:


Admissions Academy demystifies the college admissions process with lessons on navigating key platforms like Common App, and creating and refining crucial elements of the application process, such as developing a student resume and exploring leadership roles.


Students will set actionable goals to enhance the resume they will create in the course to carefully reflect their current experiences and develop new ones. They’ll discover creative strategies to show evidence of students’ commitments to their chosen field or interests.


Help your child wave goodbye to uncertainty and find the right major and/or career! With personality testing and student-led research on majors and prospective career paths, students are introduced to a wide range of possibilities that are right for them.


Admissions Academy helps students discover how competitive they are at a particular college, how to build college lists and optimize college visits by asking all the right questions. Students will also have a chance to chat face-to-face with a guest speaker - a college admissions rep from a top university.


Students will receive extensive scholarship lists to not only find the right college, but make sure the right college has the right price tag.

"We want to sincerely thank you, Katie, for your guidance, knowledge, and advice along this long and tedious process. Our daughter learned so much. We are 100% confident that thanks to all your work she will be fully prepared to obtain support and aid from the schools she will then choose.”


Valerie, Parent

We keep class sizes small to give your student the care and attention they need. We are offering two sessions this semester.

Spots are extremely limited



Admissions Academy promotes personal growth and provides a national network of peers. Students not only have the opportunity to discover new colleges, but they will have a chance to share and gain insights and cultural perspectives.



All video sessions are held LIVE online. Students call in to the interactive classroom from the comfort of home. Sessions are recorded and distributed so families can download the course and watch it again!


Learn first-hand from guest speakers – an admissions representative from a top university who will share what it takes to get into a highly selective institution and a recent high school graduate who share insights about the college-search process.



The average U.S. high school college counselor to student ratio is 464 to 1. Counselors are amazing resources but do not have the time to get to know and assist each student with specific tasks. This practical course provides small group college counseling and ensures proper execution of crucial aspects in the admissions and application process. Under the guidance of an expert college consultant, students will receive the facts and strategies they need to get into the right-fit college.

There is NO GPA requirement!

Your child does NOT have to be a straight-A student to succeed in college apps.
If your high school junior is motivated and has a desire to make a change, this is the course for them. 
We will assess where they are and where they need to be.

Ready to wave goodbye to uncertainty and help your kids discover (and reach!) their goals?

Meet Katie Jane


College Counseling Expert Katie Jane

Katie Jane (pronounced jah-NAY) is the founder and primary college consultant at Pangaea Life, an independent college counseling firm helping students find right-fit global university experiences. Her students have gone on to top U.S. universities with worldwide study opportunities and scholarships to colleges and supplementary abroad programs.


Katie is a UCLA-certified college counselor and is a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association. Katie also currently serves as a College Advisor in a local high school in addition to her 1:1 consulting.

Born and raised in the multicultural city of Miami, Katie has always been passionate about bringing students across the country together to form strong networks of peers and resources. Her students reach their full potential and don’t go through life wondering “what if?” – Katie believes this starts with finding the college or major that aligns with students’ goals.

“I started a business and have competed in multiple pitch competitions [since working with Katie]. She taught me that there is more to a school than just the name - she helped me find schools that were the right match for my personality...Having Katie by my side through the stressful final years of high school allowed me to better focus my energy and reach new heights I never expected to reach.”


Gabriel, Student

Let me answer your questions! If you are still wondering whether Admissions Academy is the right path for your student and family, email me
Skipped to the bottom and wondering what's included?
Weekly LIVE group video sessions in a virtual interactive classroom  (Hosted by Katie Jane) on the college application process, major/college-search process, creative strategies, and more
Weekly trainings and homework to find your best-fit majors/careers, build a strong resume, create a winning college application, and develop a college list
Private class group chat with instructor for questions, discussions, and direct feedback on homework and assignments
Expert training sessions from a top college admissions representative on what it takes to get into a highly selective university
Small, exclusive class sizes providing students with 1-on-1 support from a college counselor, not 1-on-464.
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