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📝 List of Colleges Changing SAT/ACT Testing Requirements

Due to COVID-19, several colleges have made big changes to their testing admissions requirements for 2020. There are 2 important keywords you need to pay attention to: WAIVED and TEST-OPTIONAL. Read below to understand what this means...

  • WAIVED: If the college says they "waived their testing requirements," this means that you do not have to take the SAT or the ACT to apply to this college. This means that even if you did take the SAT or ACT, they do not want you to send them because it is no longer part of their admissions criteria. Do not send them as they will not be reviewed.

Here is the list of colleges waiving SAT and ACT testing requirements as of April 13th:

  • TEST-OPTIONAL: If the college says "test-optional," this means that you are NOT REQUIRED to submit an SAT or ACT test score. In other words, if you had the chance to take the SAT and ACT and scored well, send them. If you took it and didn't score well, do not send them. Before knowing if you should send them or not, review their student profile and see the range of test scores for students admitted. You should fall within the range or be above the range. Colleges know that all students did not have the chance to test in Spring 2020 and they have implemented this new rule to level out the playing field and give all students a fair chance. Not submitting a test score will NOT count against you. I repeat- not sending a test score will not count against you. 

Here is a list of colleges test-optional as of April 13th:

You can refer back to these links as they are updated every day. The main website is

Next scheduled ACT and SAT: June (PLEASE NOTE: This is subject to change as well but as of right now is still scheduled to happen)

Remember, if you have any questions, I am here to help.

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